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Texas eFiling Rules of Procedure

Local Rules were adopted by each jurisdiction in Texas to allow acceptance of eFiled documents. Some of the Local eFiling Rules are provided in .pdf format below. For a complete list of local rules by jurisdiction, please visit the Office of Court Administration's website at:  Some of the major changes include:

  • A unique user password and "signature" ID replaces the attorney's physical signature.  However, the Judicial Committee on Information Technology (JCIT) recommends that, for any filing that includes a verified pleading as either the lead document or an attachment, the filer also sign the lead document.  The filer can apply a “digitized signature” or a scanned wet signature.  
  • The time stamp of the filing is captured when the filer submits an electronic document through their EFSP (not accepted, but filed).
  • Only Civil case documents can be filed electronically, though exceptions have been made.
  • Original Wills, Subpoenas, and Bonds cannot be eFiled.
  • Documents must be converted to an acceptable court approved format (typically .pdf format – if needed, CFX does the conversion for you).
  • You can eFile documents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Documents that are filed after 5:00 p.m. are deemed served the next day.

What Local Rules Were Adopted to Address Technical Issues, System Outages, and Delays in Document Acceptance with the eFiling System?

Local rules 4.3 and 7.2 were adopted by eFiling counties to address technical issues, system outages, and delays in document acceptance with the eFiling System. For a complete listing, please review your jursdiction's local rules.

Rule 4.3 Time Document is Filed - Not later than the first business day after receiving a document from TOL, the district clerk shall decide whether the document will be accepted for filing. The district clerk shall accept the document for filing provided that the document is not misdirected and complies with all filing requirements. The district clerk shall handle electronically-transmitted documents that are filed in connection with an affidavit of inability to afford court costs in the manner required TEX.R.CIV.P.145. If the clerk fails to accept or reject a document within the time period, the document is deemed to have been accepted and filed.

Rule 7.2 Rule Guiding Interpretation - These rules shall be liberally construed so as to avoid undue prejudice to any person on account of using the electronic filing system or sending or receiving electronic service in good faith.

Harris County District Courts are making the shift to a digital environment. eFiling and eFiling Returns of Service are now mandatory in the following Harris County District Courts.
  • 61st
  • 127th
  • 129th
  • 151st
  • 152nd
  • 215th

Once a case is opened with the Court, all subsequent documents in the case must be filed electronically. Documents that are submitted on paper to a mandatory eFile court will not be accepted. For more information, please review the rules for electronic filing in all courts or, download a copy of the Standing Order Regarding Electronic Filing.

When you eFile with FSX, eFiling Returns of Service and eScheduling Process Service are automatically included as a part of our service. Learn More

Are you aware that Texas Rules of Civil Procedure Rule 78a went into effect on September 1st? As per Rule 78a, a Civil Case Information Sheet must be submitted when an original petition or application is filed to initiate a new civil, family law, probate or mental health case. If the petition or application is eFiled, the case information sheet must not be the lead document; it should be uploaded as an attachment to the petition.

Please note that the clerk may not reject a pleading because the pleading is not accompanied by a civil case information sheet.

Click on the following link to read the article from the June 2010 Texas Bar Journal regarding the rule change.

Click on the following links to view the cover sheet in Word or PDF formats. Cover Sheet in Word, Cover Sheet in PDF

Order Adopting Texas Rule of Civil Procedure 78a  (109 kb PDF)
Harris County 151st District Court eFiling Order  (91 kb PDF)
Hurricane Ike Cases Harris County eFiling Order  (197 kb PDF)
Travis County District Court eFiling Order  (94 kb PDF)
Texas Supreme Court eFiling Rules, September 2011 (73 kb PDF)
Appellate eFiling Rules March 2011  (504 kb PDF)
Hood County Courts eFiling Local Rules December 2010 (767 kb PDF)
Travis County Courts eFiling Local Rules March 2006 Image (1 mb PDF)
Travis District Courts eFiling Local Rules July 2006 Image (612 kb PDF)
Dallas District Courts eFiling Local Rules December 2005 Image (655 kb PDF)
Harris District Courts eFiling Local Rules November 2004 Image (145 kb PDF)
Bexar District Courts eFiling Local Rules September 2004 Image (99 kb PDF)
Collin District Court Rules Revised June 2004  (55 kb PDF)
Fort Bend County Court eFiling Rules July 2004  (54 kb PDF)
Smith County District Court eFiling Rules (491 kb PDF)
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